Jake Streamlines Higher Education Workflows in Salesforce

Jake Streamlines Higher Education Workflows in Salesforce

Higher education is full of antiquated systems and inefficient processes. As Solutions Manager at Servio Consulting, Jake’s mission is to change this through technology like Salesforce and Formstack.

"We know Formstack will fulfill all the needs of our clients.”

Servio Consulting is a Salesforce registered consulting partner that focuses on helping organizations improve how they use Salesforce. From creating better systems for data processing to automating manual work, Jake works with clients of all sizes and industries to implement better technology and data practices. As a Formstack partner, Jake knows he can rely on Formstack to solve many of his client’s data issues. 

Jake’s higher education clients are usually looking for ways to optimize their use of Salesforce without adding complicated technology to their tech stack. He frequently addresses pain points related to college application workflows. From gathering referral letters and transcripts to routing student data across departments, Jake has helped many organizations rethink how they handle data collection. With tight budgets and small teams, they require turnkey solutions that can be easily adopted by many employees. Because of this, Jake often recommends Formstack for Salesforce, Formstack’s all-in-one Salesforce solution for forms, documents, and eSignatures. This native tool allows anyone to quickly and easily build forms and workflows within Salesforce that require zero integrations, field mappings, or coding.

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Optimized Salesforce

Created robust forms natively within Salesforce

Accelerated form creation

Removed form complexity and sped up development time

Improved data collection

Built workflows natively in Salesforce

Boosted efficiency

Automated work with features like form prefill and document automation

Video Transcript

Main feeling about having Formstack in the product suite, is just a level of confidence in our solutions that we know that the tool is going to hold up. We know the tool is going to fulfill the need and really meet the requirements of the client.

Tell us about yourself!

I'm Jake Melendy, I am the Solutions Manager here at Servio Consulting. Servio is a Salesforce implementation partner so our job is really to take the Salesforce platform and turn it into a solution that meets your requirements.

Why did you choose to partner with Formstack?

What we really liked about it was the native ability of the product. Being that an everyday user within Salesforce can set up a form on their own. Without the need for field mappings, without the need of integration to other form products. It happens inside of the Salesforce environment and it really works as if it is part of the platform. Straight out of the box with Salesforce.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

One of the things we often see within education in the application cycle is the ability to have a recommendation letter. So the student or the prospective student can reach out to people in their circle, whether it be a teacher, coach and mentor and be able to get information back from them, a recommendation to the school they're applying to. We see this often within education and for a long time we didn't have a great solution around it that automated the process.

With Formstack and with prefilled URLs within the product, we're able to actually send out a designated URL for each prospective student, out to that person that the student's asking for a recommendation for. And it cuts out the middleman of the institution having to come back and do all of the matching. All they now have to do is look for the recommendations as they flow back into the environment. And since then we put that same workflow in place probably 10 times now at various institutions.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve?

Formstack has allowed us to really take an approach within our consulting that allows for the ability to take on new requirements and not be as concerned with can the project handle it. So when we're talking to new clients and we're in the sales cycle, or even with current existing clients, they'll often come to us with data means that would be the ability to capture more information, that may be outside of the original scope of our project. But with Formstack there with having that within the portfolio or within the suite of tools that a client has available, we know that if it's a need for data coming into the environment, we don't have to worry about do we have a tool in place for it. It's just a matter of building out an object within the Salesforce platform and building out a form within Formstack to match.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become “practically genius”?

With Servio we do a lot within the education space. And within education there's this idea of siloed work. There's this idea of antiquated systems and systems that aren't connected to one another and that often leads to problems within any institution. What we typically say and what I say within the Solution Design and really figuring out how can Salesforce solve your problems as a whole, including the Formstack product, we like to look at what is the requirement. What is the end goal of what you're looking to solve for? Not necessarily all of the detail behind why you're going to paper form right and maybe some of the simplicities that I can add for you. But rather what is the end goal of that requirement. What are you really actually trying to get out of the system? Not just what data points are you looking to capture. So you can streamline your processes and really help to centralize your overall solution so that you're adding efficiencies for your employees and you're creating better workplace for your employees.

Why do you recommend Formstack to your clients?

So we recommend Formstack to our clients because it really is a tool, a product, that lives within the platform, that feels very close to a salesforce experience. Meaning there isn't as much of a learning curve. A lot of AppExchange products there's a learning curve behind the use case because it feels like you're developing something in some third party platform and you're just integrating in data. So by having Formstack inside of the environment, it's really straightforward for your admins and your everyday users to come in and be able to use the tool, get the information that you need out of the product in a point and click method, that's going to lead to a quicker turnaround on new forms, quicker turnaround on data coming back into the system and overall add efficiencies to your lifecycle, no matter what the end goal or requirement is.

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